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Colphos, Hexagon Bar

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Colphos - Free machining phosphor bronze. the machining characteristics are similar to CZ121 Brass and the tensile properties and corrosion resistance of Colphos are similar to PB102 but it also offers good fatigue strength. 

Please note: contrary to popular belief, Colphos can be silver soldered.

Longer lengths available on request.

UTS N/mm2 350-450
Proof Stress N/mm2 250-350
Elongation % 10-15
Machinability Rating 90

Colphos is the registered trademark of Columbia Metals LTD.

5/32"AF Colphos 90 x 12" long
1/4"AF / 4BA AF Colphos 90 x 12" long
2BA AF (0.320" AF) Colphos 90 x 12" long
7/16"AF Colphos 90 x 12" long

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